Signature Experience



Besides being very professional, the people at Acumen are very humane. They become friends and know how to develop bonds for a lifetime.
Moiz Rajkotwala
Director, United Group


The Acumen Experience

Whether it is Strategic Consulting, Process Consulting or HR Solutions, execution of our concepts involves conducting in-depth 'interventions' with our clients. This is where we get out of the boardroom and get onto the floor. Be it a strategic facilitation with business owners or process training to head of the departments or Values based workshops to all the employees of an organization, we have a signature way of conducting these interventions. We call it the Acumen Signature Experience.

The Acumen Signature Experience is not just about the way we conduct our interventions, but also from the way we design them. We don't come in with pre-fixed notions or try to retrofit business models onto your entity. We recognize that each company is unique and has problems peculiar to it. We have been trained to listen to - and understand - the softer issues and always put the human element at the center of our solutions. With the added advantage of being a fully homegrown company, we leverage our significant experience to add value to your specific business need.

Every intervention aims to provide a space in which participants can learn how to maximize their professional potential and make substantial contributions to the organization. And each and every intervention aims to equip them with the tools to stay motivated even after the sessions are over.

With a host of experienced and inspiring facilitators to lead the way, Acumen interventions allow you to:


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