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The Acumen Difference

Our Leadership programs have a segment of Sparks and FUEL to ensure that the learnings get implemented and the organization gets the results beyond the euphoria post these programs.

Our Approach

Pre work


  • Discussions with the HR Team, bosses of the participants and few participants
  • Org Structure and Job descriptions
  • Meeting with the HR Team to finalize the focus areas and the Training programs



  • Organization’s priorities and dynamics
  • Expectations at each role
  • Difference in expectations and what actually  gets done
  • Reasons for the gap (systemic / attitude /  skill)


  • Key focus areas to be covered through training
  • List of training programs

Training Design


  •  The Training Program
  • Training Collaterals with a blend of  Activities such as Psychometrics | Role Plays | SBDs | Cases | Audio Visuals | and other tools



  • A robust training design (Instructional Design Note)
  • Training collaterals: Participant workbooks • Job aids • and others (as required)

Roll out


  •  2 to 3 day classroom training for a batch comprising of not more than 20 participants



  • Awareness about the competencies required for one’s role
  • Skill building towards areas of application  towards managing different challenges
  • New approach being practiced on field/ in  business



  • Sparks are the ideas that get generated at the end of the workshop that Buzzing Leaders want to take up.
  •  These ideas take the form of a project, which is tied to the program learning’s with a direct impact on self and business.
  • Each Buzzing Leader takes up a spark that is close to their work and challenge area.


  • Projects aligned to the learning’s of the training workshop



  • FUEL ensures that the Buzzing Leaders achieve their goals by moving beyond their inhibitions and never run out of the support required to apply their learning’s at their workplace.
  • Fortitude Coach – a mentor who helps to stay focused
  • Upward Pull – enrolled management to ensure resource support
  • Equity Buddy – peer level support and morale booster
  • Leadership Engine – online portal for increased effectiveness


  • Learning’s translated into actions
  • Clarifications on concepts while in practice
  • Impact through resolution of organization issues through changes in competencies and team’s taking up higher level challenges




  • Tests on concepts
  • Scoring mechanism
  • Certificates


  • Certification Grades on the basis of project presentations and test scores
  • Refresher on the concepts


  • Rewards and recognition of the participants
  • Refreshed learning’s
  • Closure of the engagement


Milestones defined by participant


Project Review


Skill Demonstration & Buddy Rating

Leadership Engine

Online portal for increased effectiveness

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Industry Casestudies


Reduction in compressed air consumption of plant


To improve at least one feature / function for least selling Vehicle


Tomato business development

Why Acumen?

  • Experience of companies ranging from Real Estate and Manufacturing to Service Sectors
  • Currently 22 consultants on rolls and an external Talent Pool of 20 subject matter experts
  • Clientele across India as well as overseas
  • In-depth understanding of Business that makes Acumen the preferred partner of both conglomerates as well as small & medium enterprises
  • Business model of providing customized solutions to meet customer’s current and future needs
  • Ability to deliver interventions based on values and ideologies
  • Being Instrumental in creating transformation in various organizations

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