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I think the folks at Acumen have done a great job in building one great organization, and to me, when I'm hiring a strategic consultant, if they don't have what they're preaching I should have, it's going to be very difficult for them to build it in my organization... and these guys do it perfectly.
Sameer Shetty
Managing Director, BFL


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our Strategy Practice is designed to create a vision, mission and philosophy unique to your organization and is also geared to formulate road maps to execute your goals.
What we do
  • Create short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies
  • Facilitate the implementation of these strategies and review the same with senior management on the basis of pre-set milestones
  • Periodically audit the strategies to ensure that they are in line with the current business environment and make mid-course corrections wherever required
Processes allow your organization to function on autopilot, leaving you free to do what you are supposed to do - Lead. Our Process Practice aims to minimize the time you spend focusing on minute details with a view to maximizing the efficiency of all your processes and systems.
What we do

  • Define processes so that resources are optimized vis-a-vis business goals
  • Map processes against industry benchmarks and identify need gaps
  • Devise processes to fill these need gaps
  • Install measures to monitor performance
  • Audit existing processes to check if they are being followed, with recommendations to correct any anomalies which may exist
Your company's identity is almost wholly tied in to, and defined by, its people. While you may provide all the functional inputs required for your team to excel at their job, the path to optimum productivity may be strewn with obstacles if you do not understand your people, their needs and their expectations.
What we do
  • Help you define your organizational values
  • Design interventions to help ensure that these values are inculcated within the DNA of the organization
  • Help you deal with challenges in managing talent
  • Create a competency framework against which we assess your talent pool. Based on the findings, we design interventions to bridge the competency gaps
  • Help you profile your people using analytical tools to map their strengths and weaknesses