Reem Ahmad Al-Hunaidi

Work Experience

Reem Al-Hunaidi developed her own line of Personal Development methodology driven from the experiences and knowledge she gained over the years in her pursuit of professional & personal success. She reaches out to others in the community to help them discover the life they want to live, and fulfill their goals by being authentic and unique.

Reem, is wholly self-made individual. She contributed towards the field of personal development in the country and has made lasting, positive changes in the lives of scores of people of all age groups, both from the corporate and the non corporate sectors in Kuwait and other states in the GCC.

Reem holds the following qualifications: A professional Reiki Master, A motivational Co-Active Coach, Crystal Healing, The Science of Happiness; plus others in the filed of Human Capital Development.

Reem has the honor of being the first Arabic speaking trainer for the internationally renowned best seller book by Susan Jeffers “Feel the Fear and Do it anyway”.

The way in which she has changed the lives of several individuals, and made differences to their personal as well as their professional lives. Her very own personal workshop series “My Life – the Way I Want to Be” and “See the invisible – Elevating to a higher level”, are an open course for the general Public and focuses on self motivation and other related topics. They are set to enhance and encourage people to be the best they can be.

Manoj ShriyanReem Ahmad Al-Hunaidi