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I think the folks at Acumen have done a great job in building one great organization, and to me, when I'm hiring a strategic consultant, if they don't have what they're preaching I should have, it's going to be very difficult for them to build it in my organization... and these guys do it perfectly.
Sameer Shetty
Managing Director, BFL


   Process Practice
Are You Set Up To Manage Process Change?
by Neil Ward-Dutton
Ten Tips for Effective Process Modeling
by Bruce Silver
Business Process Analysis - Using Detail Process Maps and the Questioning Method
by Ben B Graham
   People Practice
The Three C's of Coaching for Managers
by Erin Green
Integration: The Key to Talent Management
by Lois Webster
Story Listening: A Skill for Leaders
by Elliott Masie
Leadership Development for SMBs
by Daniel R. Tobin