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Leverage the inter-dependencies involved in a group environment

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For a group to work like a team, it is essential to develop traits such as interpersonal relationships and collaboration. However, what is more critical is to leverage on basic human instincts such as what-is-in-it-for-me, will this make me feel / look good?

Our Programs


Executive Coaching

An engagement to catalyze the potential of executives

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Team Building

An intervention to enhance individuals’ ability to contribute to and leverage the inter-dependencies involved in a group environment

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 Change Management

A workshop to enable the participants to successfully ride the change whether it’s imposed or initiated.

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First Time Managers

A workshop to handhold the employees in the crucial stage of high performers becoming people managers

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Performance Appraisal

Aligning the managers to the organization philosophy and the process of conducting a performance appraisal

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Manager as Catalyst(MAC)

A workshop designed to handhold managers in driving a culture of people development and delivering results

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Negotiation Skills

An intensive, interactive workshop that will help participants acquire a proven framework, tools, techniques, and skills for maximizing the value of their negotiated outcomes.

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Acumen Business Academy

A curriculum based intervention that upgrades the knowledge of business owners on keys aspects of business growth

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HR as a Strategic Partner

An intervention that shapes the people dimension of your corporate strategy

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

This course is specifically designed to provide the foundation of effective practices and behaviours required for problem analysis and decision making.

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DNA Deployment

An engagement to define and inculcate core ideologies across the organization

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Sales Conference

An engagement to create the necessary conditions for goal percolation and team enrolment

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Our Team of Expert Facilitators

Why Acumen?

  • Experience of companies ranging from Real Estate and Manufacturing to Service Sectors
  • Currently 22 consultants on rolls and an external Talent Pool of 20 subject matter experts
  • Clientele across India as well as overseas
  • In-depth understanding of Business that makes Acumen the preferred partner of both conglomerates as well as small & medium enterprises
  • Business model of providing customized solutions to meet customer’s current and future needs
  • Ability to deliver interventions based on values and ideologies
  • Being Instrumental in creating transformation in various organizations

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