Acumen Business Academy

A curriculum based intervention that upgrades the knowledge of business owners on keys aspects of business growth

Benefits to the Participants

  • Increase in knowledge on specific areas of business which impact business growth
  • Solutions to existing business issues on the key topics covered in the intervention
  • Access to multiple industry experts and their perspectives

Benefits to the Organisation

  • A transition from a owner run organization to a professionally managed organization
  • The owner spending more time in thinking about growth than fire fighting


Successful business owners keep upgrading themselves and their businesses without losing focus on their goals. This intervention is exclusively designed for the business owners who can forsee their own potential


Conduct engaging workshops every month for a period of nine months

Enforce implementation of learning through live projects to be undertaken by business owners

Facilitate learning through cross industry reference and sharing from fellow business owners

Effects Last

The effect won’t die down until the learnings are channelized into business results.

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Business Owners who are willing to sit through the sessions


  • Training sessions for a batch of business owners by industry experts
  • Sustenance of learning through live projects
  • Tele-coaching facility to revise, clarify and share concepts
  • Online assistance through portal to revist course learnings
  • Acknowledgement and recognition through certification

10 months

Target Audience
Business Owners


Multifold returns through business impact created by individual projects powered by Acumen’s FUEL

Why Us

  • More than 13 years of experience in dealing with Business owners and their organizations.
  • Great pool of Subject experts
  • Customized curriculum focusing the size of business

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