Change Management

A workshop to enable the participants to successfully ride the change whether it’s imposed or initiated.

Benefits to the Participants

  • Recognise the need to be action oriented in the face of external changes
  • Learn to respond appropriately for the changes happening in and around
  • Develop skills to manage change and facilitate change

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Alignment of all stakeholders’ needs towards the anticipated/imminent change
  • Employees become enablers of change rather becoming hurdles
  • Overall increase in the agility quotient of the organization


Change cannot be enforced. It has to be understood, communicated, and people are to be made actively involved in the process.


Differentiating between the dynamics of Imposed Change, Initiated Change, Self and Group level changes.

Equipping the participants with the necessary tools to facilitate change in all the above scenarios.

Effects Last

Personal changes attained during the intervention automatically propels the participants to adopt the tools consistently and more frequently. Hence as long as there is a need to change, results will show up!

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Homogeneity of the group
  • Participants must respond to pre-work questionnaires


  • Help people gain quick wins through facilitating through personal changes.
  • Extrapoutf8g the quick wins to organizational contexts to achieve change goals.
  • Create road maps for changes to be facilitated in the external environment.

Pre-Work: 1 week
Facilitated workshop: 2 -4 days

Target Audience

  • Executives and senior leaders
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Project teams
  • Employees going through change


Post-merger integrations, work location changes, leadership shifts – the cost one pays for not managing people during these change circumstances are humongous as compared to the investments required here

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Acumen’s pedagogy is a culmination of training thousands of executives on change management and leading organisations through large scale change interventions.

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