DNA Deployment

An engagement to define and inculcate core ideologies across the organization

Benefits to the Participants

  • Understand the importance of the organization’s DNA framework
  • Align personal ambitions and efforts to the organization’s DNA
  • Contribute to self and organizations’ growth

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Consistency in the manner in which business is conducted and results delivered
  • Clarity on the attributes of the people to be hired, retained and developed
  • An organization aligned to its DNA framework


A company’s values/ideologies/cultural pillars (DNA framework) define and describe its guiding philosophy. The way a company approaches various challenges is the reflection of the values endorsed by the head of the business. Having clearly defined DNA frameworks help develop a culture that is in line with the management’s expectations


Acumen’s four pronged approach is as follows:


Message from the management


Organization wide iniatives


Answering what’s in it for me (wiifm)


Reconizing and differentisting key implementers

Effects Last

Culture inculcation into the fabric of the organization is long drawn process. Periodic reinforcement across levels is imperative in retaining the momentum.

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Buy in and endorsement by the top management
  • Venue hygiene factors not compromised


  • The engagement starts with crafting messages for the communication channels considering a top down approach
  • The next step would be to create organizationwide awareness through online portals, Instructor Led Trainings etc.
  • Answering WIIFM question of the employees is the next step. This can be chieved through town halls, all hands meets, cluster meets etc.
  • The last step is DNA in action. Creating conditions for application of the awareness. Support this through integrated rewards and recognition system, identifying DNA champs etc.

2 – 4 months

Target Audience
All employees


Consistency in the way we do what we do not only gives an edge in the marketplace but also makes us the preferred choice of employees and potential employees

Why Us

In the last 5 years deployed DNA frameworks for 
conglomerates, MNCs and SMEs across industries

  • Aditya Birla Group
  • RPG Group
  • Big CInemas
  • BFL
  • Piaggio
  • Atul Chemicals
  • Ester Industries
  • Samraat Group

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