The program is designed to enable participants to monitor economic signals and convert financial data available into decision making information for the organization

Benefits to the Participants

The Managers at the end of this workshop will:

  • Be sensitive to their contribution to the profitability of the company
  • Be able to interpret the economic signals and use them in day to day decision making
  • Be able to time their decisions in anticipation of change in fundamentals

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Employees more sensitive to profitability
  • Employees more vigilant about the economic signals thus enabling the organization to take timely decision
  • Managers with an ability to see the bigger picture about the company and not just the perspective of their own department


Managers from all functions increasingly feel the need to understand the money flow- into, within and outside the company, especially in a rapidly changing environment. Sensitivity and alertness to the economic signals in the environment and their implication in day to day activity is becoming a must have for the decision maker. This workshop empowers the individuals to comprehend the implication of the economic signals on daliy business


Capturing the requirements of the participants using a pre-work questionnaire

Customizing the existing framework

Use a Business Simulation (BUSINESS-WISE) which ensures that participants practice the learning of the workshop to profitably manage a business in competitive environment

Use Global meltdown as a situation and cull out lessons to the industry from the global meltdown

Effects Last

These learnings will remain with the participants as long as they practice the technologies.

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Understanding of the Pre-work
  • Understanding of the live situations by the facilitators
  • Industry specific scenarios
  • Venue hygiene factors not compromised


Salient features of the workshop are:

  • Deliver the concepts through experiential learning and amidst group competitions/discussions.
    Use of visuals, case studies and stories thro’ tested analogies to enhance the interest in the workshop
  • Provide an opportunity to the participants to apply the learning of the workshop through a business simulation
  • The participants need to manage the phases of business profitably wherein major variables need to be simultaneously managed in real time competitive environment.

Deduce – 1 week
Delivery – 3 days

Target Audience
Managers who have the authority or ability to influence the authority on expenses. Senior Managers or Middle Level Managers or Line Managers who manage:

  • SBU’s
  • Functions / Departments
  • Support Functions
  • Teams


This workshop breaks the myth that economic signals are the domain of a select few and it encourages every manager to view their decision making in the larger context with signals sensed from the economic environment.

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