Executive Coaching

An engagement to catalyze the potential of executives

Benefits to the Participants

This intervention provides the participant opportunities to:

  • Recognize the self-imposed limitations that prevents him/her from achieving what is possible
  • Develop skills to manage change and facilitate change
  • Develop perspectives that are empowering and tolerant

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Tangible outcomes by bridging the gap between potential and performance levels
  • Increased engagement level and commitment towards the organization
  • A robust leadership pipeline to take up and manage new initiatives


To be successful in today’s challenging situations, the leader must have a reservoir of internal strength, skill sets to tap on to the strengths of others and the tools to channelize these energies in the right direction.



  • Before-After
  • Defining interim goals
  • Embracing the pains
  • Enrolling well wishers


  • The triggers
  • Fictional response v/s factual response
  • The tools
  • Feedback from well wishers


  • After-Before review
  • Summary of chronicled facts

Effects Last

As the primary condition for the engagement to commence is protégé’s burning desire to change, the effects are long lasting behavioural changes, sustained entirely by the protégé.

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Involvement of the immediate key influencers in the process
  • Mechanism to capture multi-rater feedback


Series of self-discovery sessions to equip the protégé with the necessary tools that will enable him/her to:

  • Develop the courage to burn bridges
  • Leverage multiple degrees of separation
  • Channelize the momentum of change
  • Sustain new initiatives

4 months – 6 months

Target Audience

  • Family Managed Business Owners
  • Directors
  • Second line leaders
  • Middle managers


Availability of competent executives for new business initiatives & increased efficiency in executing projects results in direct impact on the bottom-line.

Why Us

Success of our coaches is largely due to the additional roles they play as Project Heads / consultants on various business consulting assignments. This exposure helps them to constantly better their support to the protégés irrespective of the industry they belong to.

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