HR as a Strategic Partner

An intervention that shapes the people dimension of your corporate strategy

9-12 months

Target Audience

  • HR team

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Align people initiatives to organizational strategy
  • Provide insights in shaping the company’s strategy from the people perspective
  • An HR team that thinks beyond their functional boundaries


The corporate world is facing two inescapable realities – the increasing number of knowledge workers in the workforce and many administrative functions handled by HR being farmed out to specialised agencies. Thus, providing an opportunity for HR to penetrate the strategy sphere and own outcomes with the business.


HR as an ROI Centre

  • Designing solutions from the perspective of its business effectiveness
  • Linking competencies to HR processes & systems
  • Designing ROI based learning solutions
  • Using HR Analytics to make informed talent decisions

HR as a Performance Accelerator

  • Designing the performance management system
  • Designing the total rewards system

HR as an Engagement Driver

  • Designing the organizations Employ Value Proposition
  • Customizing HR policies aligned with the changing business environment
  • Linking engagement to CSFs of the business & designing appropriate solutions
  • Devising customized retention plan

HR as a Catalyst for Change

  • Creating a support system for employees
  • Identifying & encouraging the adoption of requisite skills & behaviours

Effects Last

The effect is permanent as the HR transitions from a support function to a strategic partner

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Buy in and endorsement by top management & HR Head
  • HR Head as a catalyst throughout the intervention


We facilitate the transition of the HR team into a strategic partner to the business by co-creating customised solutions, delivering appropriate training workshops and handholding the HR team in implementing the solutions.


HR becomes a key player in strategic planning

Why Us

Acumen’s consultants having conducted several interventions covering various aspects of this intervention over the last decade with conglomerates, MNCs and SMEs across industries

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