Manager As Catalyst (MAC)

A workshop designed to handhold managers in driving a culture of people development and delivering results

Benefits to the Participants

  • Recognize the need to transition to a MAC
  • Successfully transition from a manager to a MAC
  • Lead the team with a focus on delivering results through the team

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Stronger middle management team
  • Increase in productivity of individual contributors
  • Increased engagement & development of teams


A manager should be able to drive performance in his team, both, by inspiring his team to push themselves and at the same time removing barriers in the path of performance. When all managers don this hat, the organization will jump to the next level of growth


Design the intervention focusing on the fundamentals required by Managers to become MACs

Create conditions for the participants to appreciate and embrace the transition.

Deploy the intervention through a TTT or directly to the target audience

Design a mechanism that recognizes individuals who have successfully transitioned to MACs

Effects Last

As long as the management talks the same language

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Involvement of the immediate key influencers in the process.


  • Profile the participants and identify competency gaps
  • Design an experiential workshop centred around cases, SBDs, role plays, AVs, psychometrics etc.
  • Create action plans and support mechanisms to ease the transition to MAC
  • Design a mechanism to recognize individuals who have successfully made the transition


  • Pre-work: 1 week
  • Design: 1 week
  • Deployment: 2 – 4 days per batch of 20 participants
  • 4 months – 6 months

Target Audience
Everyone having a team


Cascading effects of MACs leading efficient teams, thereby, creating a robust middle management team

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