Negotiation Skills

An intensive, interactive workshop that will help participants acquire a proven framework, tools, techniques, and skills for maximizing the value of their negotiated outcomes.

Benefits to the Participants

This intervention provides the participants opportunities to become a Resonator who:

  • Ensure that conversations are descussions and not arguments
  • Is always ckued to the external environment and is hardly on the unfavorable side of the information symmetry scale
  • Has a knack for generating possibilities irrespective of the scenarios

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Employees better equipped to better resolve the deadlock both with external as well as internal parties
  • Long term relationship with the vendors/ suppliers and customers
  • Employees aware of when to walk away, thus reducing overcommitment


Enabling the organizations to move towards a collaborative approach which focuses on results as well as relationship.


Capturing the requirements of the participants through pre work questionnaire

Customizing the existing framework

Focus on individuals, individuals’ styles, negotiation framework and tactics

This intensive program features interactive sessions, negotiation exercises, customized case studies, videos and negotiation simulations

Participants receive valuable feedback on their skills and techniques during the simulations

Effects Last

The technologies shared in the workshop would help the participants prepare for any negotiation situations

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Understanding of the Pre work
  • Understanding of the live situations by the facilitators
  • Customized caselets


  • Understanding of the Live situations
  • Filling up the Prework questionnaire


Salient features of the programme:

  • Focus on the three important aspects of the negotiation – individual, technique and environment
  • Use of specific psychometric tools that help the participants to understand self and the behaviours that hinder negotiations and the ones that facilitate negotiations
  • Sharing of techniques to manage emotions, reframe, create long term relationships and deal with difficult personalities and deploy impasse-breaking techniques
  • Systematic framework that helps in thorough preparation as well as an ability to manage shared, different, and conflicting interests
  • Sustenance of the initiatives through project
  • Reinforcement of learnings through online tools


  • Deduce – 1 week
  • Design – 1 week
  • Delivery – 3 days
  • Demonstrate – 3 weeks

Target Audience
This program is designed for senior executives and executives who regularly negotiate deals and want to enhance their ability to negotiate the deal process


Why Us

In the last 5 years created Successfully conducted 
workshop for:

  • ITC Ltd
  • ITC Foods Ltd
  • ITC Lifestyle Retailing Business Division
  • Surya Nepal Ltd
  • ITC Modern Trade
  • Thermax
  • BFL
  • Created content for negotiation workshop for ABG, which is being implemented across all the businesses in ABG
  • and many more….

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