Problem Solving & Decision Making

This course is specifically designed to provide the foundation of effective practices and behaviours required for problem analysis and decision making.

Benefits to the Participants

This intervention provides the participants opportunities to:

  • Distinguish root cause from symptoms and identify the right solution for the right problem.
  • Think creatively and work towards creative solutions.
  • Learn the useful tools and techniques necessary to improve their problem solving and decision-making capabilities as an individual as well as in teams.

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Proactively attacking problems and making timely decisions.
  • Solve work related problems and make decisions which brings value to the company and the customers.


An ability to anticipate and solve problems objectively and corporately is a differentiating competency between achievers and others. The other differentiating factor is to think through the solution and take timely decisions. This workshop has a structured approach towards building these competencies. When faced with any problem there generally is a tendency to rush to closure with an over reliance on critical-thinking. This often limits the scope of possible solutions. This workshop provides tools and techniques to bring together both forms of “higher order” thinking, critical thinking, and creative thinking.


Capturing the requirements of the participants using a pre-work questionnaire

Customizing the existing framework

This intensive program features interactive sessions, problem solving and decision making exercises, customized case studies and videos

Participants receive valuable feedback on their skills and techniques during the simulations

Effects Last

The technologies shared in this workshop would help the participants to analyse or evaluate the information in hand in order to develop a number of solutions to a given problem. It will also help to evaluate each solution and decide which one is optimal for a given situation. These learnings will remain with the participants as long as they practice the technologies.

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Understanding of the Pre-work
  • Understanding of the live situations by the facilitators
  • Customized caselets
  • Venue hygiene factors not compromised


Salient features of the workshop are:

  • Change the outlook towards the problem and problem solving.
  • Sharing of powerful clusters of complementing techniques through case studies to build capabilities on PS & DM.
  • A healthy mix of essential theories, charts, matrices and checklists which can be used to solve problems and take decisions at work areas.
  • Distinguish root cause from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem.


  • Deduce – 1 week
  • Design – 1 week
  • Delivery – 2 days

Target Audience
This program is designed for

  • Head of functions
  • Middle level managers
  • Individual contributors


Why Us

Successfully conducted workshops during the past 
10 years for more than 1000 executives across 
companies like:

  • Godrej
  • ABG
  • Tata Communications
  • Thermax
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • BFL

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