Team Building

An intervention to enhance individuals’ ability to contribute to and leverage the interdependencies involved in a group environment

Benefits to the Participants

This intervention provides the participants opportunities to:

  • Reflect upon and evaluate behaviours that are conducive in an organizational context
  • Improve their interpersonal relationships
  • Explore new approaches towards achieving a team goal

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Tackle existing or perceived future challenges
  • Improved group’s appreciation towards business processes
  • Mapping of participants to various team roles


For a group to work like a team, it is essential to develop traits such as interpersonal relationships and collaboration. However, what is more critical is to leverage on basic human instincts such as what-is-in-it-for-me, will this make me feel / look good, etc. And there is nothing wrong in it!


Capture the profiles

Articulate the team challenges / objectives

Design the conditions

Execute the methodologies

Commit to team goals

Effects Last

The way forward would capture the milestones to be achieved and team review mechanism.

Peripheral Non-Negotiables

  • Workshop to be held away from the regular business locations (travel and outdoors preferred)
  • Presence of all the involved/affected parties w.r.t. the objective articulated


  • Taking a cue from Rand Fishkin’s famous words: “Don’t let your role define your influence. Let your influence define your role”, the participants are profiled (BELBIN profiler).
  • Current/perceived future team related challenges are captured through interactions.
  • Appropriate experiential methodologies are designed.
  • During the workshop, the group arrives at a way forward through facilitated sessions.

Pre-Work: 1 week
Facilitated workshop: 2 -4 days

Target Audience
Members of cross functional teams


Practical solutions to synergy related challenges and employees getting into the groove of solution finders rather than problem finders.

Why Us

More than a decade long experience in this genre and expertise in varied methodologies ranging from situation based dramatics, outbound activities, cross functional gamifications, profiler based facilitations to derive the desired result.

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