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The 6-steps to creating & implementing the :

Customer Experience Management Strategy

Get insights into your customer & the current org. culture
Define your brand promise
Design the customer experience (across all touchpoints)
Align your organization (starting with all function heads)
Communicate with & Train people to deliver
Measure its success (audits and customer feedback)

Our Philosophy

Customers believe in companies not because of what they say, but because of what they make them experience. Acumen believes that if customers are not provided with a consistent experience at each touch point, your brand image and hence your sales takes a beating

Ensuring Customer Experience Success

This is an organization-wide initiative

The Brand promise workshop is attended by all the top-management team members

The customer experience and signature sales experience workshops are conduct for all customer facing people.

Duration: 6 – 9 Months


For the participant

Enhance their customer management capabilities
Understand what it means to be authentic and create their own personal ‘brand’
Understand the importance of consistency and hence follow the laid out processes
Grooming that makes them feel confident

For the organization

Clarity on the way the customers percieve you
Alignment of all key people on the customer experience philosophy
Marked improvement in customer satisfaction scores & customer feedback
A well-groomed customer facing team is consistent with your brand

Our Approach



Though the fundamentals always remain the same, each company has its own unique way of doing things. This step helps our team of sales analysts gauge your current style of functioning and understand your philosophy and business priorities. It throws light on customer management and sales management and also one important element, which is the team’s conviction on the brand and the product. This becomes our foundation for realizing the forthcoming steps.


  • Discussions with Sales Head
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • Sales visits
  • Sales data analysis
  • Mock calls, if possible



  • Sales Experience Scorecard
  • Strengths of the team (positive deviants and positive practices being practiced by different team members)
  • Process gaps, if any


  • Customer psyche
  • Current conviction on brand proposition
  • Current process


Experience Design

In today’s competitive market, it is difficult to differentiate a product from it’s competition. While everyone is fighting with each other on cost, quality and delivery, the differentiator of the future is going to be ‘customer experience’. In this step a session of straight and difficult questions are put in front of the management team towards unearthing brand uniqueness and creating a convincing brand promise. Apart from the unique brand promise, the differentiator in giving a unique and lasting sales experience also gets defined.


  • Discussion with sales and product heads on :
  • Customer need prioritization
  • Strength v/s uniqueness
  • Defining clear and convincing brand uniqueness

Reverse brainstorming with the management team

  • Defining the sales experience


  • Value proposition
  • The sales pitch
  • The sales experience for the customer
  • The accountabilities for the sales experience



The alignment of the HODs on the brand promise is of utmost importance to ensure that the promise gets delivered. More than awareness, they also need to know their role in ensuring that the defined promise gets delivered and that they become the biggest brand ambassadors of the brand promise. The alignment of the HOD happens during a session where their buy-in is taken through an interactive approach.

Session with HODs

  • Value proposition
  • The sales pitch
  • The sales experience for the customer
  • Their respective accountabilities for the sales experience
  • Action plan to roll out the sales experience


  • Alignment of all HODs
  • HOD ownership on the sales  experience
  • Plan of action


Roll Out

The biggest stakeholder in the experience is the sales team. A powerful training workshop is designed to ensure they get coached on different elements gauged during the first step and the elements of sales experience. While the basic training programs focus is only on product or solution selling, this training takes them a step ahead in creating their differentiator. The training questions the fundamentals of the team on their attitude and approach to customers & coaches them on skills to ensure a great experience for the customer.


  • The Training Outline and Action  Assignments
  • The Training Collaterals


  • 3 training days per batch (not  more than 20 participants)


  • Sales team awareness about the expected customer experience to be delivered 
  • Skill enhancement to bridge the gap



Knowledge without action is futile.

Hence the learning’s from the workshop get translated into assignments for the sales team to roll out each element piece by piece and to get a better understanding of it by experiencing it.

Action assignment roll out

  • 6 weekly assignments per batch
  • Assignments sent through mails
  • Weekly reports sent by  participants


  • New approach being practiced on  field
  • Understanding of  implementation challenges faced



The roll out phase showcases a lot of learning’s about the team’s approach, the challenge areas and also the customer reaction on the new approach. This analysis helps in tightening and bettering the experience and also in planning a mechanism to help the team in their challenge areas. Finally all great work needs to be rewarded. The performers get distinguished from the non-performers and felicitated through Certification Grades.

Discussion with management team

  • Grading of performance of team  on assignments
  • Action points for Heads –  handholding for weaker areas of  team
  • Modifications in the sales  experience design, if required

Session with sales team

  • Recap of learning’s
  • Certification


  • Sales team’s performance on the  assignments
  • Analysis of areas where sales team  is facing challenges
  • Redefined sales experience, if  required
  • Learning’s refreshed through sessions
  • Challenge areas addressed through sessions
  • Certification

Our Team of Expert Facilitators

Jayesh Talpade

Jayesh Talpade

Tanveer Shaikh

Tanveer Shaikh

Sameer Pimpale

Sameer Pimpale

Snehal Kole

Snehal Kole

Why Acumen?

  • Experience of companies ranging from Real Estate and Manufacturing to Service Sectors
  • Currently 22 consultants on rolls and an external Talent Pool of 20 subject matter experts
  • Clientele across India as well as overseas
  • In-depth understanding of Business that makes Acumen the preferred partner of both conglomerates as well as small & medium enterprises
  • Business model of providing customized solutions to meet customer’s current and future needs
  • Ability to deliver interventions based on values and ideologies
  • Being Instrumental in creating transformation in various organizations

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