Jayesh Talpade

Jayesh Talpade is an extremely curious soul. He is on a perpetual quest to find out why things are, the way they are. He is seldom satisfied easily. So it leads him to question the obvious with the zeal of an Evangelist. And this quality, while upsetting some people along the way, leads to brilliant Insights on issues and challenges. He sees patterns where none are obvious to the naked eye. And breaks down every issue to small components, and then has the ability to regroup the same components into an altogether different pattern. Resulting in a changed paradigm for the observer.

This ability has been responsible for transformations, when he has been invited to sit on the boards of family manged businesses, to deal with challenges of family succession, address contentious issues, talk to disagreeing family members or partners. He does not fight shy of speaking his mind and does not mince his words, when he talks. By this he reveals the sincerity of his intent, which is the best outcome for all parties concerned. Almost always, tricky, sensitive issues get tabled, addressed and resolved.

He has coached CXOs, Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Gurus. He facilitates the flagship Leadership Development intervention of Acumen, Torchbearers amongst other Leadership Development programs.

Over the years Jayesh has led an assortment of engagements for clients in India, the Middle East, the UK in the areas of Strategy, Sales, Systems, and HR. He has trained  in Neuro Lingustic programming, under a variety of greats, the chief ones being Fr. Dr. Dick McHugh, Anthony Robbins and Richard Bandler. This training coupled with the fact that he has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters in Management Studies, makes him the Consultant of choice for engagements needing facilitation amongst seniors in an organisation… Business Heads, CXOs and the like.

He has been at the helm of Acumen since its inception in the year 2000. Prior to heading Acumen, Jayesh worked with Bharat Bijlee, NELCO and Johnson & Johnson on the shop floor in Industrial Engineering, to Selling to Brand Management. This diverse exposure coupled with his innate curiosity has made him a sought after professional in the consulting area.

His personal philosophy is articulated very aptly in the Tag line for Acumen…Helping you do better…

Manoj ShriyanJayesh Talpade