Mahesh Chaturvedi

Work Experience

Mahesh Chaturvedi has had his formative education from Cambridge. He can be credited with pioneering Outbound Intervention for Corporate India. He is a trained mountaineer and outdoor education instructor and Introduced the first ever artificial Rock Climbing wall in India. He conducted the first OBI for the Taj Group. Having over 43 years in Education, Mahesh has been a torch bearer for India at the Atlanta Olympics.

Shikhar Outward Bound Institute is an NGO founded in June 1982, by Mahesh. Conceived with the primary purpose of development of the human personality in harmony with nature. The core team consists of Professionals from Academia and Industry.

Over the years Shikhar have worked with over 60 of the best companies in the country with over 22,600 employees having experienced our Team building programs.

Manoj ShriyanMahesh Chaturvedi