Nick Allen

Work Specialization

Executive Coaching, Board Effectiveness, Board Development, Psychological Profiling using Multi-rater & 360 Feedback Processes, Business Simulations and Executive Education, Responsible Leadership Development. Nick is an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.

International Experience

Based in London UK, Nick has led engagements across Europe, Russia, Middle East, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Hong Kong and North America.

Sectors Served

Technology and Communications, Financial Services, Professional Services, Transport Systems (Rail, Busses and Underground), Energy, Oil and Gas, Education, Insurance, Private Banking, Pharmaceuticals, NGO’s

Work Experience

Nick is an executive coach with over twenty five years international experience. He has a strong commercial focus with a clear future orientation. He believes in executive foresight and is passionate about helping individuals and companies stay relevant and responsive to all their stakeholders, People, Profit and Planet. He understand the tensions and pressures executives find themselves under and is able to bring a fresh perspective to business, leadership and environmental challenges. He is committed to ensuring organisations succeed in a sustainable and ethical manner and has designed and delivered ‘Responsible Leadership’ programmes for senior executives.

As both a facilitator and coach he is able to quickly put people at ease. When coaching he is described as active, imaginative and knowledgeable. His clients tell him he is a coach who can sensitively challenge assumptions and their current thinking without offending. As a facilitator he is encouraging, curious and appreciative.

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