Tanuja Baljekar

Professional Experience

Tanuja started her career in Voltas Ltd, and was subsequently associated with the Sagar Plaza Hospitality Group; Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd as General Manager, Corporate HR; and Thermax Ltd as General Manager, Learning & Development. She has 25 years of experience both in a HR generalist role, and during the last several years as a specialist in Learning & Development. She has extensive experience of various areas of Human Resources and in partnering the business from an HR perspective.

She is skilled in the design and roll-out of Development Centres, Development Action Plans, and High Impact leadership Development Programs and was closely associated with the creation and architecture of Leadership Development Processes and Competency Development Programs and has played a leadership role in establishing these effectively.

She is a trained Assessor and Administrator in the management and delivery of Assessment & Development Centres. As a certified consultant on the Workplace Big Five Profile, a psychometric tool used largely in the workplace context, she draws on it for learning and feedback processes towards capability building and leadership development.

Coaching Proficiency

Tanuja has received extensive training as a coach from Results Coaching Systems, as well as Coach U, both being International Coach Training organizations, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also currently exploring approaches and perspectives in the Ontological Coaching Model. Tanuja is a member of the ICF and in her practice is guided by its code of ethics and competency framework. She holds the ‘Associate Certified Coach’ credential awarded by the ICF.

She has successfully coached several key executives at the senior management level across functions such as Sales, Marketing & Product Development, Project Management, Start-up Operations. Her coaching engagements have included heads of Finance, Construction, Business development, and Supply Chain amongst others. She has also coached individuals in the education, research, medical, creative arts and consulting space and has had truly rewarding learning experiences in working with small business owners, mostly women entrepreneurs.

Tanuja is a passionate advocate for the power of coaching and focuses her energies exclusively in the sphere of facilitating individual development, and is strongly committed to enhancing self awareness, personal and professional growth in the work context through executive and leadership coaching; engaging in workplace conversations to address performance and work-life issues and concerns; and personality profiling and feedback. Through this work she enables individuals within organisations to position themselves impact-fully and imaginatively, so as to maximise their influence, image and status.

She believes that, “though development must be an individual initiative and commitment, organizations can provide meaningful support through creation of relevant resources and structures to facilitate the same. At the end of the day, the ultimate measure of all development needs to reflect in enhanced business performance”.

Manoj ShriyanTanuja Baljekar