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Ravi Chopra

Everything is about selling.

This book is not just for a salesperson or someone in marketing but for everyone! Whether you are aware of it or not, you are selling something all the time.

Manoj ShriyanRavi Chopra
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Sabyasachi B

After a long time a management book which I had to finish reading at one go. The last one I remember with such a narrative and yet with some deeply felt and heldconcepts is The Goal. Every manager, and not only sales people, would find profound meaning in the six concepts!

Manoj ShriyanSabyasachi B
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Nitin Nabar

A fresh perspective on selling after a long time and that too free from absolutely any management jargon. Easy reading that can be used as a ready reckoner by any sales person to become best seller

Manoj ShriyanNitin Nabar
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Anil Kulkarni

I liked the way concepts have been brought out and discussed by the use of real life characters…..Unlike some management books which tend to dwell too much on theory.

Manoj ShriyanAnil Kulkarni
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Vipul Upadhyay

The learnings are as applicable to a salesperson, as they are to anybody required to create influence on others. The book narrates very practical and basic aspects which are relevant. The story is interestingly narrated.

Manoj ShriyanVipul Upadhyay
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