What we do

Organizational Transformation

We create & implement short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies to transform your organization.

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Family Business Consulting

Transition your family run businesses to retrieve the family & business position into the next generation.

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Customer Experience Management

Learn how Acumen can help you implement your Signature Customer Experience.

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HR Consulting

Create an organizational culture which defines the company’s image in the external world.

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Leadership Development

Translate “competencies-on-paper” into “competencies-in-action” to inspire the next line of leaders.

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Behavioural Development

Develop interpersonal relationships and collaboration for a group to work like a team leveraging on basic human instincts.

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Sales Force Evaluation

The biggest cost companies pay while chasing goals comes in the guise of lack of clarity and momentum.

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Best Sellers

You may like it or not, but your entire life revolves around how you sell, or get sold into. Yes, everything is about selling!

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What Customers say

  • I think the folks at Acumen have done a great job in building one great organization, and to me, when I'm hiring a strategic consultant, if they don't have what they're preaching I should have, it's going to be very difficult for them to build it in my organization... and these guys do it perfectly.

    Sameer Shetty Managing Director, BFL

Our Team of Experts

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Why Acumen?

  • Experience of successfully having delivered results to companies in the Real Estate, Manufacturing and, Service sectors
  • In-depth understanding of business that makes Acumen the preferred partner of both, conglomerates as well as small & medium enterprises
  • Business model of providing customized solutions to meet the customer’s needs – current, and future
  • Ability to facilitate engagements based on values and ideologies
  • Clients across India as well as overseas
  • Currently 20 consultants on rolls, and an external Talent Pool of over 50 Subject Matter Experts
  • Being instrumental in enabling transformation in various organizations

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